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We're the first and only student-led scholastic esports organizer and production company founded and developed by high school students.

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Our live broadcasts have reached over 500 concurrent viewers

Energy. Excitement.

Even when compared to larger scholastic esports leagues, we lead in view to follower ratio. Why? Our streams bring on the adrenaline, the thrill of close rounds elevated by our in-house student sports announcers that other leagues lack.

February 11, 2022 · Stuyvesant (6-0) vs. Bronx Science (6-0)

August 14, 2022 · All-Star Event at Long Island University

March 29, 2022 · Bronx Science vs. Susan Wagner

March 31, 2022 · Staten Island Tech vs. Bayside

Our team of over 100 student volunteers spans from team captains to game and production directors—each team employing even more student talent and leading 100s of other students to adapt practices similar to actions of corporate company employees. For instance, our student production team promotes growth in public speaking by allowing them to shoutcast our live-streamed matches, which average over 150 live concurrent viewers on our Twitch channel. Our graphic design team furthers their skills through the management of our Instagram. Some of our alumni have attracted the “more than 170 U.S. colleges [that] have varsity esports programs and are offering around $16 million per year in scholarships” (Forbes).

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EZ Esports was founded in November 2021 and developed by various NYC high school student club officers to provide their club members opportunity to compete in an accessible and organized esports league. There were too many companies charging thousands for each of our teams. We were tired of it!