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Our Organization

What is EZ Esports?

EZ Esports is a scholastic esports organizer and production company based in
New York City.

What we do

At EZ Esports, we provide a world-class competitive esports experience for students throughout the five boroughs of New York City. At the forefront is our non-profit high school esports league, where we create the opportunity for top tier players from individual schools to strengthen their skills and compete in an organized team environment.


Just like traditional sports, we provide an accessible viewing experience of esports matches to our audiences- whether they be parents, students, teachers, or even scouts from professional teams. Our live broadcasts are of the highest quality at the high school level with the potential of becoming industry leading. 

The League

EZesportsNYC : 28 Schools

Our 2022-23 season accommodates 28 schools across all five boroughs. Students in these schools have the opportunity to compete at varsity and junior varsity levels in Valorant, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Tetris, and Minecraft.





New Utrecht


Francis Lewis



Staten Island


Staten Island









John Dewey








Bronx Science


SI Tech

Staten Island

Brooklyn Tech


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Regular Season |

Playoffs |

All-Stars |

Regular season
Schools play in a double round robin format and are placed in standings based on their win to loss results for series. Check 2022 standings here!

Playoffs season
Our premier event where top schools based on regular season standings compete in a double elimination to be the greatest of them all. 

Where top players from the whole league come together and form a super team to compete against other cities and states across the nation. 


Live Streaming on Twitch.tv

Our live broadcasts have demonstrated the potential of reaching
over 500 concurrent viewers. With our custom professional
overlays, our streams have a clean and unique look—
one that stands out and draws attention

Stream Look

Our overlay designers are constantly working on our brand impression by creating new overlays to provide viewers with fresh and improved visuals. 

Want a custom advertisement? We have you covered— our overlays are designed with sponsors in mind, and we do our best to suit your needs. 

Energy. Excitement.

Even when compared to larger scholastic esports leagues, we lead in view to follower ratio. Why? Because our streams bring on the adrenaline rush, the thrill of close rounds that are only elevated by our in-house student sports commentators that other leagues lack.

Check out this clip from our streams!

Why does our league work?

New York City is the perfect home ground for competitive students as they know their opponent as if they were their neighbor. Unlike nationwide leagues where students don't even know their opponent's school existed, schools in our league recognize each other from the proximity of schools in the city. 

Furthermore, existing scholarly competition between NYC high schools means that students are invested in their school pride each team striving to prove themselves. Student viewers get to cheer on their schools and favorite players as they compete for prestige and scholarship prizes. 


Superintended by Students

EZ Esports provides an unique opportunity of
corporate mimicry where students are entrusted to lead hundreds of other
students. For 2022, our 23-member committee spans from rules & regulations to game
directors to production & advertising directors—each team employing even more
student talent. Together, we provide students with prospective career paths
and allow them to explore their capabilities. Learn more


Why Sponsor Us?

EZ Esports is the first student-run high school level esports league in the United States,
And here is your chance to pitch in on the next trailblazer in esports.
Esports is a growing 1.1-billion-dollar industry* that is
quickly becoming part of mainstream media.

How does a sponsorship help us grow?

So far, we've accomplished a great deal with zero funding at all, all thanks to the hard work of EZ Esports committee and staff. Though we would love to take our company to the next level, we lack the cash flow to do so. With adequate funding, we will be able to bring greater quality to our production— drawing in and retaining a larger audience. 

We want to be able to drive a profit through ad-revenue and viewership to become self-sustaining. Our long-term goal is focused on the valuation of EZ Esports as well as future broadcasting rights, merchandise sales, and potential franchising to other cities across the United States. 


Get to know our performance

In day 1 to day 75:

942 new Twitch followers

4,405 hours watched

15k Twitch views

7.8k website views

52 hours streamed

825 Discord members

320 Instagram followers

90 average live viewers

Sponsorship means mutual growth— a win-win for everyone!