2022-23 Committee

Student-Led Organization

email: info@ezesports.org

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Winnie Zhong, Staten Island Tech HS '23

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Ella Chu, Leon M. Goldstein HS '23


Director(s) of Broadcasting Division

Kishi Wijaya , Stuyvesant HS '25

Naya Olympia Antaki, Brooklyn Tech HS ’25

Director of Social Media Division

Essence Nguyen, Leon M. Goldstein HS '24

Director of VALORANT Division

Claire Liang, Leon M. Goldstein HS '24

Director of League of Legends Division

Lucas Moore, Francis Lewis HS '23

Director of Minecraft Division

Jayden Ng, New Utrecht HS '23

Director of Tetris Division

Curt Lin, Stuyvesant HS '23

Director of Mediation and Press Division

Emily Prasad, Townsend Harris HS '23

Director of Teamfight Tactics Division

Jia Wei Chen, Midwood HS '23


Broadcasting Division Associate Directors

Luis Gonzalez, Stuyvesant HS '24

Marcellino Melika, Francis Lewis HS '25

"Aether", John Dewey HS '25

Bea "Kraif" Shuker, '21

Samuel Martinez, Midwood HS '24

Alfred Li, Brooklyn Tech HS '25

Olam Ho, Hunter College HS '25

Social Media Division Associate Directors

Sean Liu, Leon M. Goldstein HS '23

Emily Prasad, Townsend Harris HS '23

Maximilian Nikolic, Bronx HS of Science '24

Ayesha Javaid, Brooklyn Tech HS '25

Mateusz Muszak, ACTVF '26

VALORANT Division Associate Directors

Hannah Yan, Bronx HS of Science '23 

Ryan Chen, Brooklyn Tech HS '23

Justin Lee, Bayside HS '23

Hui Wang, Stuyvesant HS '23

Kevin Jiang, Brooklyn Tech HS '24

League of Legends Division Associate Directors

Andy Huang, Stuyvesant HS '23

Jason Lee, New Utrecht HS '24

Teamfight Tactics Division Associate Directors

Ron Tan, Brooklyn Tech HS '23

Qi Wang, Stuyvesant HS '24

Zi Jun Deng, Stuyvesant HS '24

Tetris Division Associate Directors

Ling Jie Fang, Stuyvesant HS '23

Jayden Ng, New Utrecht HS '23

Press Division Associate Directors

Rain Chen, Leon M. Goldstein HS '23

Minecraft Division Associate Director

Andy Huang, Stuyvesant HS '23

Community Division Associate Directors

Benny Zhang, Midwood HS '25

Aroza Hussain, Francis Lewis HS '25

Our 2022-23 Leadership College Acceptances:

University of Southern California, University of Michigan, UNC Chapel Hill, New York University, University of Rochester, Boston University, UC San Diego, Lehigh University, Purdue University, SUNY, CUNY


2022-23 Active Alumni

Co-Founder & Executive Chairperson

Edison Zhong, Midwood → Susan E. Wagner HS '22

University of Southern California '26


Ivan Chen, Stuyvesant HS '22

Binghamton University '26

Emeritus Directors

Matthew Liang, Midwood HS '22, Cornell University '26

Ashley Ngo, Brooklyn Tech HS '22, Hunter College '26

Anthony Nosoff, Midwood HS '22, Long Island University '26

Emmanuel Abayev, Stuyvesant HS '22, University of Chicago '26

Andy Xie, Stuyvesant HS '22, University of Chicago '26

Willie Ho, Brooklyn Tech HS '08, Columbia University '19

Rosario Giarratana, New Utrecht HS '11, NYU Stern '15

Ivy Chen, Edward Murrow HS '22, Brooklyn College '26

Director of Special Events

Matthew Taylor, Maryville University '19


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