2021-22 Founding Committee

Student-Led Organization

Founder, Chairperson, Co-CEO

Edison Zhong, Midwood HS → Susan E. Wagner HS '22

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Ivan Chen, Stuyvesant HS '22

Chief Operations Officer

Winnie Zhong, Staten Island Tech HS '23

Director of Regulations

Emmanuel Abayev, Stuyvesant HS '22

Timothy Leung, Edward R. Murrow HS '22

Director of Social Media

Ella Chu, Leon M. Goldstein HS '23

Director of Valorant

Claire Liang, Leon M. Goldstein HS '24

Director of osu! 

Kishi Wijaya, Stuyvesant HS '25

Director(s) of Teamfight Tactics

Natalie Liu, Susan E. Wagner HS '22

Ivy Chen, Edward R. Murrow HS '22


Valorant Associate Directors

Ashley Ngo, Brooklyn Tech HS '22

Hannah Yan, Bronx HS of Science '23

Ryan Wei, John Dewey HS '24

League of Legends Associate Directors

Brian Chen, Midwood HS '22

JiaWei Chen, Midwood HS '23

Sungroh Ryu, Bronx HS of Science '23

Kai Davidson, Hunter College HS '24

Regulations Associate Directors

Zian (Andy) Xie, Stuyvesant HS '22

Jake Lin, Stuyvesant HS '22

Matthew Liang, Midwood HS '22

Alexander Shannon, Brooklyn Tech HS '24

Social Media Associate Directors

Evan Qi, New Utrecht HS '22

Sean Liu, Leon M. Goldstein HS '23

Essence Nguyen, Leon M. Goldstein HS '24

Tiffany Li, Edward R. Murrow HS '23 

Broadcasting Associate Directors

Jay Tang, Bronx HS of Science '22

Kevin Wang, Stuyvesant HS '22

Charles Goering, Hunter College HS '24

Shafakat Sahil, Bronx HS of Science '24

Kishi Wijaya, Stuyvesant HS '25

Andy Zheng, Stuyvesant HS '23

Mediation Associate Directors

Alfred Chao, Midwood HS '23

Ayubur Bhuyia, Aviation HS '23

Harvey Jiang, Staten Island Technical HS '23

Yehtet Aung, Brooklyn Technical HS '23

Nolan Weinberger, Edward R. Murrow HS '24 

osu! Associate Directors

Ho Yin Cheung, High School for Dual Language & Asian Studies '24

Stanley Chen, Stuyvesant HS '23

Jayden Ng, New Utrecht HS '23

Andy Zheng, New Utrecht HS '23

Special Thanks

Runge Wang, Stuyvesant HS '22 (Apparel & Art)

Willie Ho, Columbia University '19 (Advisor & Twitter)

Jason Chen, Brooklyn Tech HS '22 

Hana Won, Susan E. Wagner HS '22

Raymond Ng, Edward R. Murrow HS '23

Matthew Taylor, Maryville University '19

Our 2021-22 Leadership College Acceptances:

University of Chicago, Cornell University, Yonsei University, University of California Los Angeles, University of Southern California, UNC Chapel Hill, New York University, Macaulay Honors College, Boston University, Lehigh University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, SUNY, CUNY

08.14.2022 - EZ Esports All Star In-person Event 

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